ALCO SWAB-Pre Injection Alcohol Swabs
ALCOHOL SWAB-Pre Injection Alcohol Swabs
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* Saturated with 70% (v/v) Isopropylalcohol.
  A true disinfectant which:
  * Provides maximum hygiene to your patients.
  * Guard against possible secondary infection.
  * Is easily transportable.
  * Incurs no wastage.
  * Paramedical friendly.
  * Is amenable to simple inventory controls.
  * Is cost effective.
Packing Details 
* Packed in unique packaging material which keeps its content intact and no drying of alcohol for two years.
* Each Box contains 100 swabs individually packed.
Disposable Antiseptic pre injection Alcohol swab
A natural precursor to disposable syringes and needles.
Canulla Fixer

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Elastic Bandage dressing designed to secure the catheter in challenging i.v.Application
* 'U' shaped design to secure the IV canulla in place
* Soft cloth fabric designed to reduce edge lift and to seal around insertion site.
* Extra Strip for strong adhesion.
 Packing Details 
* In Sterile and non sterile packing
* In see through peel off pouch
* 100pcs in convenient dispensing box
To cover and protect I.V.Canulla sites and secure devices to the skin: