Crepe Bandage
Crepe Bandage
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Crepe Bandage
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We offer Cotton Crepe Bandages which are useful in sprains and other minor muscle injuries. The bandages are manufactured on modern auto looms with the latest technology. The characteristic feature of this bandage is its elastic, stretchable property. This allows the bandage to be wrapped without trouble and with comfort over different body parts. The woven fast edges serve for durability and aesthetics.
* Woven fast edges
* Thick fabric
* Better elasticity, controlled, uniform and smooth pressure
* Allows normal skin breathing
* Does not hamper muscular and joint flexibility
* Washing in warm water restores elasticity; bandage can be reused with appropriate hygienic precautions
 Sizes Available 
* 15 cm x 4 m (Stretched Length)
* 10 cm x 4 m (Stretched Length)
* 8 cm x 4 m (Stretched Length)
* 6 cm x 4 m (Stretched Length)
A crepe bandage is generally applied to provide warmth, insulation and support in a variety of medical health situations. It can be used to treat sprains and strains, to help correct fractures and other bone problems in orthopedics.